A Deep Dive Into GraphQL In Drupal 8 & 9


The Layout Builder module is Panelizer in Drupal 8.6 core! and it's easy to use with out coding. It enables us, the Drupal site builder, to configure layouts on different sections on your website like selecting layout to adding to new blocks and managing the display, creating content layouts in Drupal, swapping the content elements etc.

To layout all the instances of a specific content type then Layout Builder will helps in creating layout templates. Also it's allows us to customize these layout templates and we can override these layout templates based on our requirements if needed. Also It can be utilized to create custom pages that means you can create custom landing pages that are not linked to a content type or structured content etc.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session, attendees will be able to know more about the LAYOUT BUILDER module in Drupal 8 and it's features.

Key takeaways:

How to Configure and use the New Layout Builder in Drupal 8
How to Configure the Layout for the Article Content Type
How to Configuring the Layout Builder Module for Specific Nodes
How to Create Layouts for template content
How to do Customization's to template layouts
How to Create Custom pages etc.
How Entity default layouts will work
How to Control multiple view modes with layouts
Target Audience
This session is for those who (content editors and site builders) are interested in learning more about custom landing pages creation (specific content type and individual piece of content) and layout builder module awesome features adoption.

Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with Drupal 8 and site building areas like creation of content types, taxonomy, blocks ,nodes.