One Possible Future of Drupal


Usually in Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal, the admin area is something permanent. It exists along with the public part of the site. But imagine that you have the site admin area only when you need to make changes on the site. This way, it doesn't take hosting space and resources and doesn't require it to be up to date to avoid vulnerabilities. Let me show you one example, it’s my personal Drupal 9 site It’s built with a Tome static site generator ( In my session I’m going to introduce a new idea in that Drupal could be just a highly customizable static website constructor kit. You should split functionality. The functionality that is in charge of the static information can be handled with Drupal in a “temporary” Drupal admin, that could be run even locally, like in the case of my personal site. But any dynamic content such as comments, shopping cart or search can be implemented in a non-Drupal way. One can use 3rd party services, micro-services, client-side solutions and so on. Several architectural solutions that allow you to set up some of the usual website functionality will be covered in the session. At the end of my presentation, we’ll discuss the prospects of such an approach and possible future trends. For example, there is an easy way to run “your own WIX” with unlimited abilities in customization.